This past year has not been uneventful, I guess. It began with me still traumatized from my near-drowning experience on Boxing Day 2022 up at Wonga Park. The Yarra River was high after recent floods, but this did not quench my enthusiasm and sense of adventure as I set out for a few hours of… continue reading »

Being frustrated and held up by the pandemic, I am relieved to have at least finished and released my John Shaw Neilson album, ‘The Walking of the Moon-Woman’, during 2022 and to be nearing completion of my Henry Lawson album, ‘Cinderella’. I was of course hoping to release the Lawson album last year as this… continue reading »

It’s been a long year – a year none of us saw coming! A pandemic, with two lockdowns in Melbourne! For me, weeks and weeks of online teaching, of aching back, aching brain, and lots of zoom meetings – not just for school but also for the VFMC folk club and the Henry Lawson Society…. continue reading »

  Having gathered some confidence from my first CD launch as a free house concert in Northcote, I was nevertheless still apprehensive about my second launch as a paid performer at the more professional monthly VFMC concert in Ringwood. All my support musicians turned up on time, thankfully, but when they asked me where I… continue reading »

The Big Day finally arrived for my first ‘Baloney’ CD launch. This took the form of a house concert in Northcote, as my good friend Stephen Whiteside kindly offered his place as the most suitable venue. Luckily I suggested it start at 2.30 pm, which gave me and most of the musicians time to partake… continue reading »


About Maggie Somerville

Maggie Somerville is a Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, who has been writing and performing in bands, duos and as a solo performer, for over thirty years.
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