This past year has not been uneventful, I guess. It began with me still traumatized from my near-drowning experience on Boxing Day 2022 up at Wonga Park. The Yarra River was high after recent floods, but this did not quench my enthusiasm and sense of adventure as I set out for a few hours of… continue reading »

Being frustrated and held up by the pandemic, I am relieved to have at least finished and released my John Shaw Neilson album, ‘The Walking of the Moon-Woman’, during 2022 and to be nearing completion of my Henry Lawson album, ‘Cinderella’. I was of course hoping to release the Lawson album last year as this… continue reading »

It’s been a long year – a year none of us saw coming! A pandemic, with two lockdowns in Melbourne! For me, weeks and weeks of online teaching, of aching back, aching brain, and lots of zoom meetings – not just for school but also for the VFMC folk club and the Henry Lawson Society…. continue reading »

The Forest Prayed is a truly delightful CD of Maggie Somerville’s settings for the poems of Mary Gilmore. The music is totally appropriate and such pleasant listening one wonders why it hasn’t been done before, in the way Henry Lawson’s poems ‘walked off the pages into songs’. Maggie Somerville has written tunes, which are so… continue reading »

On this album, Maggie Somerville has set 16 poems, written by Dame Mary Gilmore, to music. While I was aware of Gilmore, being pictured on our $10 note, I wasn’t fully educated about her work and influence on the literary scene. After doing some research about Gilmore, I discovered that she is regarded as an… continue reading »

Photo by Janet Watson-Kruse Having successfully had two launches of my new album – in both Crookwell (near Mary Gilmore’s birthplace) and Ringwood, Melbourne, earlier this year, I was eager to also hold a launch in my local area – Brunswick. Choosing my local church, Brunswick Uniting Church, for the venue turned out to be… continue reading »

Having had my very first launch of ‘The Forest Prayed’ up at Crookwell (near where Mary Gilmore was born) earlier this year, I had felt a little frustrated at being asked to only sing one song at that launch – although I ended up by audience demand actually singing a second song. For despite the… continue reading »

After finally launching my second solo album of original material, ‘Baloney’, I have now commenced a new musical project – an album of Mary Gilmore poems that I have set to music over the last two or three years. The first stage is just completed: a YouTube music video of Gilmore’s famous poem, ‘No Foe… continue reading »

The Big Day finally arrived for my first ‘Baloney’ CD launch. This took the form of a house concert in Northcote, as my good friend Stephen Whiteside kindly offered his place as the most suitable venue. Luckily I suggested it start at 2.30 pm, which gave me and most of the musicians time to partake… continue reading »


About Maggie Somerville

Maggie Somerville is a Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, who has been writing and performing in bands, duos and as a solo performer, for over thirty years.
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